We are a boutique family run business, based in Ormeau 4208 on the Gold Coast, Australia.

We specialize in high-speed security hardware and creative communications solutions for fast moving organisations.


Since 2017, we have supplied hand picked and real world tested field equipment and electronics for the private security industry, to firefighters, paramedics and Police members across Australia and New Zealand.

Our communication solutions are used by security companies, events, warehouses and distribution facilities and more.

Hardcore Gear is the preferred equipment supplier to multiple security companies throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast and we pride ourselves on superior customer service. Check out our Trustpilot reviews and judge for yourself.


Our loyal customer base stretches from regional Victoria, Sydney, regional NSW and throughout QLD. 

We also have many customers in Auckland and regional NZ. 


If you are looking for advice on the latest bodycameras, two way radios and communications solutions, please reach out to us for no-obligation advice (07) 5610 2096.



-Ash, Bill & The Hardcore Gear Team