PTT Commercial Walky Talky App- 1Month

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Product Overview

Press2Talk's Professional PTT communications app turns your in car tablet or smartphone into a secure Two Way Radio with no distance limitations!

Already using mobile phones to communicate with your team? Wish you had instant comms across all your mobile units? Give this a go with a few of your team for 1 month, risk free.

Want to understand more about how it works? Give us a call on 1300 515 662


Enjoy the benefits of:

-Instant communications with low equipment CAPEX

-Increased safety for lone workers in dangerous environments (CIT, Alarm Responses, Patrolling sites Solo)

-No more blocked phone calls and excuses

-No more scrolling through contacts to call team members

-No more tickets from the police for using the phone while driving (use a wireless speaker microphone or earpiece instead)

-Meeting your back to base communications requirements in Workcover Codes of Practice.


Chat in real time with your team, nationwide!

  • Unlimited PTT calls, 24/7 
  • No coverage restrictions like traditional radio telephones.
  • Your own private, secure two way "radio" network.
  • 1 to 1 calling and secure text messaging. Create your own groups on the fly. 
  • Australian based data center with around the clock network monitoring and network engineers (unlike other PTT networks which are based in Asia or the USA)
  • Pair with our bluetooth Speaker mic (not included) or P2T bluetooth earpiece
  • Compatible with our rugged handheld and in car "radio" units  "Shadow" radio or in car "Compact" Unit
  • Cost effective vs overseas based platforms which charge in USD and can lock you into annual contracts.
  • P2T is month to month with no disconnect fees, OR prepaid 3, 6 or 12 months offering generous discounts. 
  • Can send your GPS location to the web based dispatcher unit back in your control room/ supervisor's desk.
  • All calls are recorded on a secure server- useful for legal and incident investigations
  • Scalable from 2 phones/radios to 700+ radios, smartphones and in car tablets with multiple talkgroups/"channels".
  • Contact us and we try and price beat any equivalent professional PTT solution- whether is Zello Pro, Voxer, Chatter PTT or others. 


Ordering Steps:


1. Order and pay online. Put down in the order comments any relevant information- i.e "Create new talkgroup XYZ Security/ "Hardcore Transport" or "Add to existing "Hardcore Transport" etc. We will start setting up your private PTT network as soon as we receive all details and will make contact with you via phone or email should we require extra information.


2. You download the app for free off Google Play or App Store.  Search for "Press2Talk" by Kirisun Communication Co. It looks like this: p2t-app.png


3. Your login credentials (User ID/ Temp password) will be emailed to you within 2 business days. Access is live from when you receive the email.


4. Continue after 1 month with an ongoing month to month subscription (valid credit card required).


Want more info or a quote on multiple units? Live CHAT with us or call us on 1300 515 662.



Whats included?

-30 Days of access to the Press2Talk (P2T) priority network access with unlimited PTT on a single device on your own private network. More info on P2T's website here

-Free app download

-BYO smartphone/tablet and mobile data (uses approximately 200MB of your own data per month with daily use). Works with any cell network (Optus, Telstra, Vodafone). Coverage is dependent on your network provider. 

-Secure storage of your PTT calls and messaging.


More app info:

More info on the Press2Talk network: