Wide Area Comms/ 4G Radios/ POC Radio

Wide Area Comms/ 4G Radios/ POC Radio


Low cost, nationwide coverage, instant communication units

"Its like CB radios, which work anywhere and only your team can hear each other." 

Handhelds, mobiles and smartphone/ tablet applications (ios or Android) 

Plus bluetooth wireless accessories

Contact us today for a price on interest free finance up to $7,500 (up to 18 months to repay).

Ask your accountant about how the ATO's "temporary full expensing" program may help your business (100% tax deduction that FY)- equipment must be purchased before 30 June 2022.



A rugged, reliable, communications solution to meet your WHS "lone worker" obligations, enhance team efficiencies and provide your customers with better service.

Your staff will also feel safer, and feel more part of a team by being able to contact everyone at the push of a button- something you can't achieve by handing out regular cellphones to your team!

Perfect for industries where time is critical:

Cash in transit (armoured and covert- only a bluetooth phone style earpiece is visible), patrol fleets, sole Officer sites, alarm response units and K9s, close protection teams...

Tow truck operators, urgent couriers, shuttle bus companies, uber fleets, charter bus fleets, limo fleets, local government (Rangers, rubbish collection, water and utilities, animal control), transport companies (including linehaul/ overnight freight)...



How far do they talk? Across your city of operation, and almost everywhere in between where there is Telstra Next G Coverage. Over 1,000km range- if that helps to visualize it. We can configure units to talk globally.

How do they work? Just like any other walky talky you may be used to. Its like a CB radio, which works anywhere and only your team can hear each other. 

Turn it on, wait for it to start up and conenct. Push and hold the side button to talk, release to listen. Turn the dial to adjust the volume. It takes most people about 30 seconds to work it out.

Are they secure? Yes. All comms are sent as data packets over 3G/4G internet connections. Just like your banking app on your phone. You have to be a world class cyber hacker to hack into the secure server network- which is monitored 24/7 by Sydney based engineers and IT specialists. The network has multiple redundancies built in for maximum uptime.

Can I have 2 channels? Yes. Absolutely. We can programme up to 500 channels across multiple zones if you have thousands of staff using your system. And you can name each channel (PATROL1, XX SECURITY, HOUSEKEEPING, LINEHAUL2, DIGGERS TRANSPORT etc).

You can also add private talkgroups on the fly using the dispatcher software or by contacting us should you have one off events coming up. Its all included at no extra cost (as long as you are reasonable!).

Do they have SOS buttons? Yes. These sound an alarm and pop up on the dispatcher console back at your control room (the dispatch console is an extra monthly charge- about the same as an extra radio). It also pinpoints the location of the person (not just the car) with a GPS location. You can then call and txt your worker to get more information about the situation and establish what type of assistance is needed.

Why are they so expensive? They aren't. The system is very competitively priced vs legacy two way radio networks which can cost upwards of $1,400 per radio to purchase and over $80 a month in airtime (ours are about $600ea and $36 +GST per month for unlimited airtime- which includes SIM card, data and GPS tracking).

P2T network fees are competitive with other enterprise-grade PTT systems. Keep your business local and support a rapidly growing Australian based network (unlike others which are based in China and the USA). We are happy to price match comparable systems where possible.

Will it work with an earpiece? Yes. We sell them to meet your requirements- from basic to high end, mission critical. There is a wide range of wireless bluetooth accessories that work with these- from speaker microphones to high noise earmuffs for loud environments.

We have helped customers source customized equipment to meet their needs. 

Consumer grade Jawbone, Plantronics, Jabra etc bluetooth earpieces may strike minor issues connecting and you may have to push the PTT on the unit to transmit.

I already have an account with Telstra/Optus. Do I need to provide my own SIM cards? Our standard monthly service includes everything- including the SIM card (at Telstra wholesale rates), unlimited data for PTT, and server connection. Its a competitive price.

You can provide your own cell data SIM if you wish, and we will give you a discounted monthly rate for server-only service (10+ units only). 

Do you lock me into a 24 month contract? Its month to month and you can cancel at anytime. You will only get "locked in" if you choose to buy now, pay later the units, or choose to sign up for a 12 or 24 month contract- we will give you a discount.

We don't use radios- I just give my patrol staff a cellphone. Great! Your Officers can use our app and wireless microphones to build your own private network at minimal cost!

Instant Push to Talk (PTT) equipment has many benefits, as our customers have found. No dialling numbers, no staff chatting with site staff and rejecting your important calls, no staff calling their mates back in their home country for hours on end, no staff using company phones for facebook...

Plus our customers are experiencing the health and safety benefits of being able to call for assistance from your colleagues instantly. Our PTT solution equipment has already saved field officers from being bashed through rapid backup from their nearby colleagues. You can't expect your staff to ask an attacker to wait for 2 minutes while you call 000 and their supervisor and explain their location, repeat their calling number, give their name...

**Using cellphones for back to base communications in the security industry (particularly CIT) is not recommended by Workcover Codes of Practice in some states of Australia and the question "why not?" may be asked in the event of an incident causing injury- opening your firm up to liability exposure.

Can I see how they work? Sure. Contact us by completing the form here and we will organise some no obligation trial units for you. 

Do I need a government ACMA frequency license to make them work? No. Because they use cellphone based- technology, you do not need additional spectrum licenses- saving you thousands of dollars per year, not to mention repeater tower hire, power, linking fees for multiple sites etc. This can potentially save your business tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Can I rent them? Yes. We can organise rental units for you for short term events.

Can I use them in the car or are they illegal? s300 of the QLD Transport Operations (Road Use Management- Road Rules) Regulation 2009 specifically excludes radios- "2) In this section- mobile phone does not include a CB radio or any other two-way radio."

The legislation wording is almost the same under the Australian Road Rules in every state. The same exemption applies in NSW, VIC, SA, NT, TAS and WA.  

We highly recommend using a wired or wireless Speaker Microphone with your tablet or mobile phone to avoid touching it while driving (illegal) if you are not using a handheld or mobile unit. We won't be held responsible, at all, for any of your driver's traffic tickets.


Complete the form HERE and we will make contact with you to organise a free trial or quote or call us 1300 515 662

Key features

-Amazing coverage across your city of operation using the billion dollar Telstra Next G network. No other legacy two way radio network comes close to comparison with coverage, or monthly network costs.

Melbourne- talk from Torquay to Yarra Glen and almost everywhere in between.

Sydney- talk from Campbelltown to Mona Vale in a split second with almost no coverage black spots- including coverage inside the Harbour Tunnel and Lane Cove Tunnel and up to 70km offshore using a mobile unit with a high gain marine antenna.

Brisbane- talk with your team from Tweed Heads to the Sunshine Coast (Noosa/ Maroochydore) by pushing one button. 

Linehaul trucks- Coverage up and down the national trunk highways and regional towns.

Ask a question from the dock in the Port of Townsville to your dispatch office in Sydney instantly just by pushing the PTT button on your device.

Add a high gain 3G/4G antenna to your cab or mirrors for seamless coverage in rural areas if needed. Most customers just use the included windscreen mounted stick on antenna and find this works fine. 


For more information, please call us on 1300 515 662

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