Qcom 80ch UHF CB Radio, 5 Watt, Trade Pack

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Product Overview

Twin Pack PCR-80 UHF CB radio.

Radio features

-5/1 Watt high power for up to +3km range in open areas

-Full 80 channel CB, type approved for Australia

-Inbuilt FM radio with auto mute, perfect for listening to music or sport during work

-Small and lightweight, very comfortable to wear on belt, vest or clip to shirt

-Commercial design and battery for professional all day use


Value Pack comes Complete with

-2x radios,

-2 antennas,

-2 batteries,

-2 belt clips,

-2 single 240v chargers and power adapters

-2 hand-strap lanyards

-2 medium duty speaker microphones

- 2x 12v battery eliminators for in car use- run non stop using your car battery


(No reviews yet) Write a Review