Kirisun Handheld T60 4G Long Range Handheld Radio

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Product Overview

Long range handheld PTTOC (push to talk over cellular) 4G "radio". Factory configured to work with the Australian Telstra Next G phone network (unlike competitor POC handhelds which are designed primarily for overseas markets). 

Press2Talk network software is integrated into the unit firmware for ultimate reliability. 


"Its a handheld walkie talkie that uses a SIM card and can talk nationwide- from Sydney to Cairns"


Requires a monthly/ quarterly/ annual network license from Press2Talk to work (all inclusive of SIM/data) for unlimited PTT and coverage across all states with no extra coverage fees like legacy radio networks.



- 2 to 1,000+ handhelds can be configured for your own private & secure two way radio network with up to 1,500 channels to meet complex fleet communication requirements. 

This handheld will also communicate with the P2T mobile (in car), smartphone apps, and PC dispatcher unit back in your office. 


-Wifi connectivity for onsite use and coverage inside buildings and basements where your facility wifi provides coverage

-LCD display and keypad (T65 non- keypad variant- take $50 off price each)

-Near instant nationwide PTT using the Press2Talk IP network (monthly charges apply)

-Bluetooth to connect with wireless accessories (earpieces etc)

-Assisted A-GPS tracking provides accurate location information to your control room, even in dense urban areas where standard GPS signals struggle to work properly

-3600mAh battery provides up to 3 shifts duration (depending on use). Hi capacity 5200mAh battery available (+ $69ea)

-IP54 Rated (rainproof)

-The Shadow's operating system is Android based and is locked onto the Press2Talk network for ultimate reliability. 

-Frequencies matched to Australian mobile networks for seamless coverage with Telstra's Next G network- unlike other POC hardware systems- with a large external antenna many times bigger than your cellphone's for clear communications in challenging conditions

-Dimensions 115mmH, x 54mmW x30mmD

-Weight with battery and Antenna- 330g


About Kirisun

Kirisun was established in 1986 and is a leading global communications brand.

They operate their own R&D and manufacturing facility, building and exporting up to 1.2 million radios per year to over 80 countries including the USA and UK. 

Kirisun have been designing and manufacturing radios in their own facilities since 1986 (old brick units) and have pushed their R&D to specialize in POC (PTT Over Cellular) radio systems since 2017. 


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