ASP Flex Cuffs Twin Pack Kit with ASP Case

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This kit contains 2x black disposable cuffs pre-folded inside a rigid ASP belt or vest carry case. It is ready to go and is a perfect, low cost and lightweight substitute for carrying backup restraints on your vest or belt- in case you need to detain multiple offenders.


ASP Tri-Fold Restraints are the most compact, easily carried and applied single use restraint available on the market. 


Compact ASP belt or vest carry case is included - holds 2 pair of restraints in a very compact, low profile square case for quick deployment. Perfect if you want to carry lightweight restraints and don't use handcuffs commonly. 

Replacement Tri-folds are avaialble for purchase each or in a 6 pack from our sales team.

The diamond configuration of the restraints when expanded provide large pre-formed loops which are easily applied to the person you are detaining. The single pull loop allows both loops to be pulled simultaneously. 


Would you rather hold an aggravated person on the ground for 30 minutes until Police arrive, risking positional asphyxiation, or use restraints on the suspect and sit them down where they are comfortable? Which would be safer?

Note: Please check the local laws in your state before purchasing this product and see the PPE page for our purchasing requirements.

We provide the tools, how you use them is your responsibility.

Replacement Flex Cuffs are available at low cost.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review