Genuine ASP Hinged Handcuffs with FREE Belt Holder

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Product Overview

ASP Steel Hinged Handcuffs with a FREE Australian made belt holster.

Limited stock so be quick.

Hinged cuffs allow greater control over a violent suspect, and allow you a broader range of pain compliance techniques. Hinged cuffs do have strengths and limitations, so speak with your training officer.

These cuffs were designed by ASP to work in the field. Input came from Officers and Instructors from over 100 countries where ASP conducts training. As a result, the design includes some of the most practical features that Officers require in the field. A flat bow assists with application, especially in speed cuffing.

Bows are highly radiused to prevent injury.

Keyways and double lock slots are on both sides of the cuffs, so it doesn't matter which way they applied in the heat of an altercation. There is a clear double lock indicator, so you won't miss it. Double locking the cuffs is critical to ensure subject safety, so the cuffs will not overtighten on the wrists and cause injury.

The cuff structure is forged from high strength stainless steel on custom built, high speed progressive dies. Each restraint is then overmoulded with ordnance grade polymer under 75 tons of pressure. 

Key included with double lock pin.

These are high security dual pawl handcuffs and will not open with a standard key. You will always get your pair of cuffs back because no-one without a special ASP key will be able to open them. 

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Cuffs carry a unique serial number.

See PPE page for purchasing requirements. Security/ Police ID and proof of training required.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review