AXE Bodycamera

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1-3 Weeks

Product Overview

Successor to our very popular i826 Entry Level Bodycamera

Special order- Delivery within 1-2 weeks.



We believe every law enforcement professional and security professional should have access to a BWC- its the 21st century Officer's notebook. 

Which is why we have spent years testing multiple models and finally sourced an easy to use, durable and cost effective basic unit. 

Remember- if you own the camera, you own the footage.

Always use this equipment in line with your organisation's policies and state laws. 

Buy today with free shipping and NO INTEREST- 6x monthly repayments of $53.77 plus $35 deposit today via Payright. 


Perfect for 

-Private Security Officers

-Crowd Controllers

-K9 Handlers

-Law Enforcement Professionals


Easy to use with large front mounted push to record button and top mounted display.

To record, push and hold the large button for 3 seconds. To stop, push again briefly. 


Key features:

-Easy to use front mounted record button.

-IP66 Spash resistant

-Top mounted LCD screen- no need to take unit off to see record status/ battery level etc.

-Weight: Approx. 123g

-Pre-record: 30/60 Seconds (optional)

-Video resolution: 1440p SHD (2.7K is 400% more detail than standard 720p), 1296p SHD, 1080p HD, 720p

-Video format: MP4 with H.264/ H.265 file compression to save your memory space. H.265 compression will turn a 10 minute video file from 300MB to 160MB without compromising quality- saving you camera storage space and video storage on your PC/Server/portable HDD.  H.265 technology is used in high end CCTV systems including Hikvision, Dahua, Mobotics and Avigilon (Motorola).

-Recording angle: 140 degree recording angle. The human eye overlap area is about 130 degrees. Total Peripheral vision can be between 120-200 degrees. 

-Recording time: Up to 11hrs working time. Notes- full charge, 720p, IR/GPS off.

-Battery: 2800mAh rechargeable battery included with a USB drop in charger and cable. Not removable. 

-Device Storage: 32GB storage as standard. 64GB/ 128GB available as a special order (64/128GB will allow most users to download footage every 1-3 weeks if you record periodically- or use the unit as a dashcam)

-Infra red night vision: Manual or Auto. Up to 10m effective range.

-GPS: GPS location watermarked onto footage (optional or off to conserve battery)

-Working temperature: -20 degrees to 60 degrees C (do not leave in the car on hot summer days- same as all other bodycams and electrical equipment) 

-Privacy: Password protected so members of the public cannot access your footage if the BWC is lost or stolen. We will not provide to download software to anyone without a Hardcore Gear order number. 

-User software: included. CD or email download. 32GB software USB extra $5.00. Use this to share footage with law enforcement. 

-Manufacturer: Made for Hardcore Gear by a major Chinese manufacturer that sells over $20 Million USD of bodycameras per year and exports to police departments and law enforcement across USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. Imported and supported in Australia/ NZ by Hardcore Gear.

-Belt clip, charging dock and USB cable included in kit


-Chest Rig and Dash Cam mount pictured but not included. Extra $35 each plus shipping.

Warranty Information

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty Covering manufacturing defects Does not cover -User damage and wear and tear -Fluid ingress -Drops and falls


(No reviews yet) Write a Review