"Officer's notebooks are so 1990s..."

Its time to go digital.

Bodycameras are a completely objective witness. They don't take sides, forget details or skew the facts. 

Bodycam, or BWC (Body Worn Camera) systems are now normal, and expected, by members of the public. If you are not using one, you should be. 


"Police departments using BWCs have reported positive changes in the conduct of both citizens and officers, as well as speedier resolutions to police misconduct complaints and litigation." -(NYPD, 2015)


International research has shown BWCs can- 

-Improve trust between your company or organisation and the community. Officers are seen more as professional and accountable- critical to providing a quality service in the private security sector.

-Improve safety. Reduce staff assaults through de-escalation of incidents through self awareness and being aware that their words and actions are recorded

-Reduce frivolous (B.S.) claims against your company or individual officers, decreasing costs and rises in insurance premiums. 78% reduction- Spokane PD (Washington State), 90% reduction- Rialto PD trial, (California), 48% reduction in complaints Mesa PD (Arizona)

-Rapid ROI- save costs through quicker complaint investigation- Las Vegas Metro PD research showed that BWCs saved the agency between $2,909 and $3,178 per officer per year. 

-High quality evidence results in more criminal convictions and less "not guilty" trials


We offer a full range of BWC systems from multiple manufacturers, at a range of price points. Field trials and customer feedback have told us that private organisations want simple, robust, easy to operate solutions. They aren't interested in paying for thousand dollar BWCs with flash wifi systems and smartphone apps, which are clunky and only a handful of officers know how to work.

Ours don't.


Our BWC platforms are:

-cost effective;

-simple to operate;

-equipped with long lasting batteries for long shifts;

-enough internal storage capacity to go a few days between downloads;

-secure- password protected so private information can't be simply downloaded if a camera is lost or stolen;

-scalable from 1 unit to 200+ with remote site download and charge stations, cloud server storage and more.


We can also assist you with BWC policy development and provide ideas with training, privacy controls, data management and more. 


Contact us today for more information, or a free* bodycamera trial in your organisation. See the benefits today!


*credit card security deposit required. A contribution to courier costs may also be requested, depending on your location.

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