Commercial Two Way Radio

These radios are designed for daily commercial use. Most require a private channel to operate, with a few exceptions which can be programmed for your own private channel, CB site channel, or a combo of both. 

Most commercial radios will cover a small to medium site- warehouse, rest home, bar or club etc. 

We can also quote on larger DMR Tier II systems (non-trunking Tier III- use Wifi radios. They are far cheaper and highly scalable)

-high power repeaters with IP links,

-onsite "signal boosters" (plug and play Single Frequency Repeaters).


Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote anytime. Orders of 6+ qualify for bulk discounts. 

We offer a full range of accessories, including

-Speaker (shoulder) microphones

-Security/ secret service style earpieces (accoustic tube, D ring, G hook and foam earbuds)

-High noise earmuff headsets

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