FDP DMR32 Onsite UHF Radio

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Product Overview


The FDP DMR32 is the best value IP67 waterproof Type Approved Digital Radio available in the Australian Market. It is a rugged, simple, two way radio perfect for onsite use in hotels, schools, warehouses, security operations, bars/clubs etc


This professional radio requires a private frequency assignment from ACMA to operate (we can set this up for you). For license-free CB radios, please click here or ask us about the FDP DMR radios.


We can programme your radio to talk with most DMR tier II and analogue two way radio fleets- including Motorola, Hytera, HYT, Vertex, some Kenwoods etc. 


Key Features

Mode:  DMR MOTOTRBO (TM) Compatible and Analogue

TDMA Dual Slots – Tier II Digital

Analogue Integration including CTCSS/DCS (ideal for migrating between analogue and digital systems)

Frequency Range:  400 – 480Mhz

32 Channels, 2 zones, 16CH per zone

Channel spacing: 12.5Khz (digital)  

Weight: 277g with battery and antenna

Battery Working Time (avg 5/5/90):  20hrs Digital mode     14hrs Analogue mode

Power Output: 5W/1W

Modulation: 4FSK –  7K60FXD   7K60FXE   16K0F3E  &  10K1F3E

2800mAh Li-ion Battery

Programmable side button functions

Battery Save Options

Encryption available in digital mode if required, for maximum communications security

Group Alert Alarm option.

Voice prompt

Rated: IP67


Uses the durable M328/ M2 accessories plug and wiring definition (Motorola GP328 style connectors). 


Optional extras

-Rugged Speaker Mics


-6 unit multi chargers

-High Noise headsets ("Cans")

-Radio base station kits for onsite control rooms

-Extra batteries, antennas etc


*Basic Programming only included in price. You must supply frequency certificates and ALL programming info (including privacy codes etc). Extra fees apply if your existing equipment has to be plugged in and read first.

If we organise a private channel for you, we will programme these radios at no extra charge- including future radio purchases from us. Conditions apply.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review