FDP PRO/ Hytera (CB) Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone

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Product Overview

Heavy duty speaker microphone to suit FDP Pro CB.


Uses a Motorola style 2 pin arrangement with locking pin. Has a 360 degree rotating stainless steel/ plastic shirt clip.


Has a 3.5mm pin to plug in a receive only headset for secure comms or in high noise areas.


Perfect for daily use in traffic control, security or other applications.



Also suitable for:


Hytera HYT TC610, TC2100, TC500, , TC620, TC700, TC1600


Hytera PD462, PD462A, PD562, PD412, PD482 PD506, PD406, PD402, PD465, PD415, PD505 


Please check your radio manufacturer's warranty guidelines with using non- OEM equipment. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review