FDP Pro 80 Channel CB Radio, 5 Watt, IP67 Waterproof

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Product Overview

Perfect for traffic control, warehouses (forklift drivers), rural fire brigades, trucking companies, and recreational use including 4WD and hiking. 

We have trialled these CBs against Uniden, Icom, GME units and Oricom. And we reckon these are on par with some of the leading brands- at a few hundred dollars less per unit. Try it yourself- if you aren't happy, return it to us within 2 weeks of purchase* and we will refund you, less shipping costs plus $1.

Buy with $35 today plus 7 fortnightly repayments INTEREST FREE with Payright. 

Discounts apply for purchases of 5+ units. Contact us.

Key Features

-Hi/Lo power 5/1 Watt

1 watt- approx. 500m-1km range -perfect for traffic control shifts, 5 watts -up to 5km range in open areas

-CTCSS and DCS privacy tones

-IP67 Waterproof

-Scrambler (up to 8 settings- ask us to configure this for you before shipping)


-Channel Scan

-High capacity 1600 mAh Li-ion battery (lasts 10+ hours under normal usage conditions)

-Frequency Receive mode (basic UHF scanner)

-Built in FM radio receiver to play music from your favorite radio station (auto mutes incoming calls and whenever the PTT is pushed)

-Voice prompt -tells you whenever you change channels or touch function buttons- protects you from bumping to another channel by accident, plus you can adjust without taking the radio off your belt

Included Accessories 

-Li-ion battery and standard antenna

-Drop in Charger with 240v adapter and cable

-12v car charging cable

-Belt clip and user manual

Optional Accessories (note in the order comments and we will contact you for payment)

 Speaker Microphone

Security Surveillance Earpiece

Long range whip antenna -approx 35cm long- $24


Nylon belt pouch- $24 (cable tie to handlebars)

Wired Motorcycle comms kit $89

SENA SC-A0111 connector cable to Sena SR-10 Bluetooth radio adaptor $47

SENA SR-10 Bluetooth 2 way radio adaptor, including connector cable for FDP PRO $385

Optional Dealer Programmable features (unit programming fee $POA)

-Function button disable locks the keypad to stop staff from fiddling

-Alpha tagging can be put on channels i.e. SEC01, BAROPS, LOGIST, FIRE1 etc

-Battery save feature can be optimized for extra long life- up to 20hrs+ run time for rural ops/ Search and Rescue

-Your ACMA allocated private UHF channels can be programmed to these- up to 30 channels 430-500mHz (type approved for LMRS)


*in original packaging, with all the bits and pieces, nothing missing, not dented or covered dirt- or we will reduce the return amount accordingly. $1 covers administration and credit card fees.

Warranty Information

12 Month Australian Warranty. "The supplier warrants this product will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Warranty is void if aforementioned precautions are not followed or the transceiver is damaged by misuse or dropping"