"Jobsaver" Tier 1 Economy Bodycamera

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Product Overview

The Jobsaver is an excellent entry level bodycamera, perfect for personal use in Security and Law Enforcement. 


Bodycameras have proven their worth with our clients, and many outside organisations and individuals and can help provide evidence to support yourself.

You have a lot to lose: your job, your reputation, your industry license, stress of court cases and investigations...

While you are protecting others, who is protecting you?


The Jobsaver Bodycamera can provide 1080p HD video and audio coverage of:

-Assaults and "hands on" removals

-Very quickly shut down your word vs their word scenarios (even on-scene using the BWC video screen replay)

-Cover yourself if working solo, particularly outside areas of CCTV cover. Things go missing and the last person inside usually gets blamed first...

-Cover yourself if you are working solo with members of the opposite sex, or children

-Very quickly shut down customer complaints, which are untrue, biased or innacurate. Many legal payout-chasers walk away or change their story as soon as they hear that there is Bodycam footage indicating "irregularities" in their version of events- saving you weeks or months of stressful investigations. 

-Provide evidence to law enforcement in the event of an arrest or detaining an offender. Protect yourself from deprivation of liberty claims by showing evidence of the crime being committed. 

-Provide evidence to show you did not use excessive force. Sometimes phone video from random witnesses in the street won't show clearly the knife in the suspect's pocket, or him biting down on your arm in a melee, like a chest mounted bodycamera may (with clearer audio of you giving verbal directions to the assailant). 

-Prove to your managers that you are actually doing your job correctly. 


Magistrates may value the word of a security professional less than a bus driver, carpenter or other profession. 

Do you really think scribbles in your notebook will save you in a he said-she said scenario? 


Its 2019. Use the technology available. If you aren't using a bodycamera, get one. If you do, get a good one (not a junk online marketplace BWC with no warranty or after sales support). 

If your company isn't using bodycameras- get your boss to contact us for a free trial. We have demo units available. 


-Always check your site SOPs and company policies on the use of BWC before buying this unit for work. 

-Check your state requirements for CCTV/ Privacy Act/ BWC recording requirements. You may need to inform people that they are being recorded. You may not be able to use the camera in certain sites at all.

-As a general rule, stay professional. We recommend keeping your footage secure on your PC or on a 2/3TB portable hard drive (password protected). Most of our customers can save 3+ months of footage on a standard size hard drive. You can get these from any computer store. 

Never publish BWC footage on Youtube or Facebook. Always check with your Manager, client and legal professional first before releasing footage. 

Generally speaking, whoever owns the bodycamera owns the footage- unless your policies state otherwise. Keep this in mind.


Specs of the unit:

-32GB onboard secure storage (password protected). 

-H.264 video compression saves storage space (same as high end CCTV camera systems)

-Free software drivers included

-Record in up to 1080p (HD) or dial down to increase battery life and storage space on the unit and your PC. MP4 Format. 

-Records audio with onboard mics

-Take photos of damage, graffiti and offenders (JPEG)

-Records 110 degree wide angle (human eyes are about 135 degrees) 

-30 second Pre-record (while unit is on hot standby- green light- and before you push the recording button)

-Weighs about the same as a smartphone. Very lightweight design won't weigh your shirt down.

-Includes heavy duty belt clip and USB data transfer/ charging cable. 

-CE and FCC certification for quality

-12 month warranty covering manufacturing defects

-2 inch colour screen on the back for on-scene video replay

-Motion detection function (use as a standalone trail cam or auto-on dashcam)

-Auto or manual night vision- up to 7m in pitch darkness

-2000 mAh rechargeable battery included. Runs up to 150hrs on standby. Up to 6hrs record time.

-IP54 Rain proof


Contact us on chat or email for further specs. 



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