PD-28 DMR Digital Two Way Radio

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Product Overview

The PD-28 Digital Professional radio is our best selling professional UHF radio and is a true game changer for the security industry!

It does the same job as major international brands, at half the purchase price- with an unbeatable 24 month warranty!

Through our finance partners, we can also help organise interest free finance (up to $7,500) or hire purchase from only $1.50 per radio per day.

Check out the ATO's Small Business Instant Asset Write Off- up to $30,000. Click here for more info on the ATO website 


These compact and lightweight radios are perfect for onsite use in clubs, warehouses (forklift ops and pickers), factories, airports, hotels (security, cleaning, porters, front desk), large parks, resorts etc. They are simple to use and powerful enough to give coverage throughout most small to medium size facilities.


These radios are for use on your private channel, allocated by the Australian Federal Government. We can help set this up for you and programme the units so they work, right out of the box. 

PD-28s may be compatible with your existing Motorola ($960+) or Hytera ($900+) radios and are significantly cheaper for your CAPEX budget. Contact our radio magicians to see if we can make this work for you. 

If you don't want a private channel, please see our CB radios or ask us about other suitable commercial radios for your requirements (PD1600W). 



-UHF 400- 480mHz or UHF2 450- 520mHz (for urban sites)

-or VHF 136-174mHz (for mines, farming, forestry)

- TDMA DMR Digital Mobile Radio (same as Motorola, Hytera etc) allowing excellent range and communications security (messages cannot be picked up and understood by a cheap radio scanner). If you require additional electronic security encryption, please check out our submersible PD32W radios, which offer this feature.

- 1/ 5 watt high power for long range and coverage

- Simple to use, no screen to smash or light up at night ruining your night vision. Takes most people 30 seconds to work out how to use it.

- Tough, splashproof design (IP54 rated). Operating temp -30c to +60c

- High capacity 2000mAh Li-ion battery for full shift operation (extra batteries are available to keep on charge and swap at shift handovers). Batteries have a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

- Only 258 grams and about the size of a smartphone (without the antenna). Approx dimensions H 128mm, W 61mm, D 38mm.

- Choose between a stubby or normal longer range whip antenna (or both as an optional extra)

- Up to 32 channels can be programmed across 2 zones. The radio speaks to you and tells you the channel as you flick through- very helpful if you are prone to bumping the channel selector!

- Lone worker can be set up, requiring solo workers to push the button after a fixed time (30 mins, 1 hr) after the radio beeps or it activates a back-to-control alarm (increases worker safety and stops sleeping on the job)

-Radio ID can be programmed in- so you know who is calling on the base station, PD1600W keypad radio (ideal for managers/ supervisors). It can display on their screen "Workshop" or "Load Dock" or "Patrol 1" etc. The keypad radios can also private call these PD-28 radios directly for one-to-one comms- keep your mobile phone in your pocket!

- Unmatched 12 month Mission Critical rapid REPLACEMENT warranty (no waiting for repairs- just get a brand new unit)

- Uses a very common K1 type 2 pin accessory connector which allows you to use your existing earpieces. Alternatively, we stock a wide range of low cost Qcom earpieces and speaker mics, 6, 12 or 18 radio multi chargers, high noise earmuff headsets and more.


All Qcom radios are Australian type approved by ACMA and Radio Spectrum NZ and are Australian owned with a Brisbane, QLD office.

Baofeng radios and some others are ILLEGAL, and can leave your company open to heavy fines ($20,000+) and prosecution by the Australian Government (ACMA Radio Inspectors). We can offer a buyback incentive for customers using these who would like to convert to reliable and legal radio equipment. 


A host of dealer options are available to suit your requirements including repeaters for campus or city wide communications, wireless call boxes and even radio over IP (ROIP) integration allowing multi-site use across sites or cities. Call us and tell us what you need and we will be happy to put together a creative, low cost solution for you, including frequency assignment. 


Warranty Information

24 month manufacturers warranty Covers manufacturing defects. Does not cover: -Customer misuse or wear and tear -Liquid ingress -Acts of god (lightning strike when sitting in charger etc). -Being dropped on the floor or similar damage