Redline Bodycamera

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Lightweight replacement for our very popular T40 bodycameras.

The brand new Redline bodycamera has been specially designed with officer feedback. 

They are a robust, lightweight, easy to use and cost-effective platform. 


Key features:

-32GB of secure onboard storage will record over 8 hours of incident recording at the highest 1296p or slightly more at 1080p setting. Continuous recording on lower settings will give approximately 11hrs of recording. Saves in MP4 format, which is widely used across PCs. 

-2M CMOS camera sensor, 140 degree wide angle recording

-IP67 waterproof

-Night vision with inbuilt infra red LEDs can illuminate up to 10m away, even in total darkness. Footage changes to black and white. This can activate automatically, or by manual user control.

-Pre-recording (records a short video clip on loop, only saves this footage once the record button is pushed). This function is very useful for catching the lead up to incidents, as they can often escalate without warning.

-LED indicator lights- flashing red when recording, green while in standby. These can be switched off if you wish to operate in "stealth mode". Switch activated flashing red and blue location/ identification lights (can be disabled).

-Photo capability- takes 32 Mega Pixel burst snapshots- useful for clearly recording offender's faces, damage, stolen goods or graffiti. Saves in JPG format. 32MP is on par, or better, than some smartphones on the market. 

-2 inch colour screen on the back of the unit allows on-scene replay. No messy apps and slow bluetooth transfers.

-Password protected unit (user selectable). Video playback, PC downloading and menu settings can be password locked. A stolen camera becomes useless without the password. 

-Motion detection mode- use the camera as a portable camera trap, or as a dashcam (do not leave bodycams, or any other electrical equipment inside a car in summertime- the heat will kill your devices.)

-2,700mAh rechargeable battery. Up to 11hr run time, depending on settings. Charges using the USB cable provided and any 1A usb charger (don't use phone chargers)

-Audio only record function -great for interviews and radio comms in a control room


Warranty Information

12 Month rapid replacement warranty Does not cover: -User damage, including drops onto hard surfaces -Water/liquid ingress -Wear and tear -Acts of god -Shipping costs back to our workshop for assessment