K9 Security

Did you know that we also supply K9 Security services to Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane based sites?

A K9 unit at your school or site starts from $480 per night. 20210227-052743.jpg


Situations that we commonly look after include:

-Industrial sites -with recent break ins, alarm panels down for repairs, fence damage etc

-Schools (private and public). K9s are very effective at deterring damage, arson, and promote staff safety for teams working after hours. We also supply services for schools before exams (high risk), during public holidays and even weekend daytime patrols. Damage for schools can run into the millions of dollars, plus put your staff and contractors at risk. 

-Construction sites. CCTV alarm systems are great for detecting and alerting the control room to intruders onsite- but the bad guys are often in and out in less than 10 minutes- well before arrival of police or a security patrol. Police response times vary between 8 minutes, up to 2.5hrs (in cases we are aware of). The cameras are great for replaying HD video of your valuable equipment walking offsite, never to be seen again. Most offenders cover their faces, and remove number plates, so your chances of gear recovery are next to nothing.

Smart builders use K9 teams at times of highest risk- just before handover when appliances/ equipment is installed, or during cabling/plumbing rough in when there is lots of exposed copper, ripe for thieves to harvest. Security is a proactive game- our goal is to SAVE you money. 

-Community Watch Night Patrols. Sick of property crime in your community/ body corporate community? Get in touch with us and we will conduct an onsite survey and recommend suitable security providers to "clean up" your neighborhood and give you and your family peace of mind at night. 


Static guards are trained to "Observe and report"- What bullshit. 

Ask your current security company what their operating procedures for their staff are if they spot intruders onsite.

Most of their site orders will instruct their guards to run back to their vehicles, call police, and "observe and report" from the car. 

Why pay $50+ per hour for a guy who can barely speak English to do what a monitored CCTV system can do for $10 a night?

Dog handlers: Observe, Report and ACT. 

For an extra few dollars per hour you get an experienced guard with a trained security dog who will actually do something to protect the assets, and people on your site.

Of course, the handler won't intervene with multiple offenders with knives, or armed offenders (Dog handlers don't carry guns), but the presence of a guard and dog usually deters 90% of drug affected grubs who mean to do harm to your site and equipment. 

Dogs also have enhanced smell and hearing, and can pickup on intruders hiding onsite, and hear them coming well before they cause damage to your property. 

Its commonly said in the industry that one dog unit is worth up to 7 static guards. Hiring a dog and handler team gives you multiple times the value for money over a single static guard.

We encourage you to start considering utilizing dog and handler teams into your security plans. Maximize your value for money. 


Physical Security Consultancy

We work predominantly as a wholesale service supplier to a small number of professional security businesses, however we can also assist business owners and managers directly with our physical security consultancy service. 

We know the reputable security companies throughout the South East and can recommend a great service provider(s) close to your area. 

Being in the trade for almost 10 years at an operational, supervisory and management level gives us a unique insight. We don't copy and paste pages of jargon and waffle. No BS. No security textbook reciting (we have read them). There is more to security than simply pointing a few CCTV cameras and walking away. 

Our creative approach and hands-on management of your security program delivers immediate, cost effective results.

We assist you to implement your security plan, audit and work with your chosen service providers and do random Quality Control checks to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. 

Contact us on 1300 515 662 to commence a confidential discussion.